For sale / exporting sheep

Are you interested in our Blue Texel sheep? We have a lot of experience with exporting sheep to other European countries. Our sheep went to England and Belgium. Our flock is Maedi Visna accredited, all sheep are scrapie ARR/ARR and all sheep are free of Microphthalmia. Because of a strict quarantaine period, our flock is free of signs of malignant foot rot.

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Besides exporting our sheep, we facilitate the export of sheep from other Blue Texel breeders. We take care of all the paperwork and contacting the Food and Health Authorities.

Together with other Dutch Blue Texel breeders we welcome you to see our beautifull sheep!

Below some pictures of exporting sheep:

deijne transport2

Van Deijne has good facilities for transporting sheep from the Netherlands to other European countries.

deijne transport

The sheep are transported in air conditioned cars.

Our sheep in Belgium!

Our sheep in Belgium!

Our sheep in Scotland!

Mooie Blauwe Texelaars!

Mooie Blauwe Texelaars! Beautifull flock in Friesland